Duct Tape for the Soul for June 27, 2014

Know any of these?

You’ve likely noted that teens tend to be a bit impatient about life. They can’t wait to grow up and experience all the things forbidden to non-adults. Sex, driving, college, a job (well a few are desperate enough for money to want one!). Many are too much in a hurry, and don’t bother to think, plan or get ready in a wise, meaningful way. Usually, smacking their face into life’s concrete walk will make them a bit more cautious!

But not all of them! A bunch become addicted to the thrill of risky, crazy stunts or dangerous activities. Riding a bike off a barn roof. Using a sheet as a parachute to jump five stories. Skateboarding on the freeway. You name it, one of them’s done it. If they don’t die from one stupid stunt, they’ll look for an even crazier one to try!

Now parents suffer much from this, especially when they have high deductable health insurance! Hospitals and doctors don’t work cheap. The good news is this; eventually, if they don’t die, they get so beat up and stiff, they stop trying the worst stuff!

The sadder group is comprised of the ones who smack the ground once, and become so terrified, they won’t even cross the street with a light! These ones retreat into a shell, afraid to risk being hurt, and it isn’t just being hurt physically that cripples many. Lots of people risk liking someone, or loving another, and once they get crapped on, they’re done! They go hide, and avoid even the least trace of risk in their personal lives. Some of the worst daredevils are otherwise unable to try loving another, but will jump off a skyscraper for fun.; go figure!

The people too afraid to risk anything are the ones needing the most help and sympathy, but it can be a chore to do so. The risk takers mostly need good medical insurance and a first aid kit. They don’t make emotional first aid kits, and that’s a real problem. Are you willing to be one for someone? Then bless you; you’ve found one of the ways to grow your soul!


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