Duct Tape for the Soul for June 28 & 29, 2014

What Things Define Your Life?

You’ll probably think I’m crazy when I tell you this, but here it is anyway. You should feel the urge to dance in abject joy at least once each day! You think I’m a moron, don’t you? Sure I know life is hard, and it’s filled with crappy, tiring things. But is that really all it’s filled with? You’re telling me you can’t see the sun rise or set, can’t view the stars? You have no chance to hear a child squeal in delight, have no one’s soft lips to kiss?

You should understand that likely your life isn’t going to be filled with mountains climbed, heroic deeds done. No one will build a statue of you, to commemorate your incredible life! But your life certainly has the ability to be incredible! It will just be a compilation of small things, acts of joy and love that weave together to make it so!

The little things of worth and beauty define the common life, and give it both purpose and meaning. Having one or many to kiss, hearing I love you, being touched by soft warm, bare skin…these are the joys that, piled upon each other, give meaning and substance to your life. Do you have them in abundance, or are you impoverished? Climbing Everest is pricy and difficult, but finding someone to be bare with, someone eager to touch and kiss is quite doable! But you can’t just sit and complain! You’ve tried that, and it clearly doesn’t work!


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