Duct Tape for the Soul for June 3, 2014

You’d Be Wise To Keep Your Mouth Shut

Humans get themselves in all sorts of trouble because they like to gossip. No one will admit that they gossip, mind you, but they do. They just dress it up by calling it news or staying in touch. Sorry, its gossip, and you know it. Not only do you pass on things from others, several steps removed from the source, but you’ll take something told to you in strictest confidence by someone close, and blab that to at least one other. Care to guess what the chances of them keeping it secret are?

Now you do this in spite of having had your butt ripped a dozen times by angry friends and family, whom you’ve betrayed with your big mouth. No matter how awful it is getting abused, no matter how bad it harms or destroys your relationship, you’ll go right on and do the same dumb thing again; likely you’ve done this a whole lot more than you’re willing to admit, to me or to God!

Now I confess, I’ve done this to myself a time or two, way back before I learned better. I now carry around enough dirt to plant a hundred acres of corn, about kids, friends, family, and I’m not inclined to tell anyone even if I’m tortured! Unless what I know has safety implications, mums the non-word. I won’t tell one of my kids even if I think their spouse is cheating on them. It’s honestly too easy to be wrong about things, and running your mouth, even if you are correct, isn’t winning you a gold star, most times.

Frankly, most gossip is passed around from pure spite. If you wouldn’t put it on a billboard, with your name attached, you’d be wise to shut up and be quiet. I know, gossiping is lots of fun. People like to think only women do it, but I can assure you, men are every bit as wicked, and love to pass the dirt along. Life for everyone would be better if you’d all shut up, and make an effort to resist the urge to blab, especially about sensitive personal things someone has trusted you with. Would you want your problems and failings on the six o’clock news? No one else does either. Just remember that!


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