Duct Tape for the Soul for June 30, 2014

Not Getting Much Practice, Are You?

Ever watch the average person when someone bestowes something unexpected on them? You’ve seen how shocked and embarrassed they are, right? They stammer and hesitate, searching for they proper form, the proper words to use for a reply. It’s cute in a sad way!

You’d think everyone would learn how to accept gifts gracefully, wouldn’t you? Either a lot of parents are doing a horrid job of teaching the proper social forms, or we’ve got some other thing working here. Honestly, I suspect that people are so beat down, that they have come to expect little from anyone, other than more grief and abuse!

It is pretty sad, if an act of kindness seems astounding! Clearly most people don’t get enough practice at receiving nice things from others. Part of that likely comes from not giving much to others either, but that’s another issue. People do get better at receiving, if they get more opportunity to practice, and it can be a lot of fun doing this to others. Just don’t give them too much; way too many people take generousity as an invitation to get lazy. We’ve got too much of that as it is!


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