Duct Tape for the Soul for June 5, 2014

Time Is More Complicated Than You Think

You’d like to think you understand time. It moves, in one direction, and no amount of pleading, prayer or tears will move it backward. Time is certainly linear, and quite handy, keeping events aligned and in order. You can’t die before you’re born, don’t start life at ninety, and then move back towards birth. Effective, elegant.

But, its not so simple when you think about it. You’ve no doubt noted that when you have lots of time, it seems to slow down. You get bored and impatient. On the other hand, when time is short, it seems to speed up! You end up desperately trying to catch up, and get angry or frustrated.  It doesn’t help to think that this is just subjective nonsense, or a trick of your perceptions either.

For all your difficulty managing it, time is a pretty stern task master. Time obeys the fundamental laws of the universe, so your complaining about it is pretty much the same as peeing on God’s foot. Not all that wise. Another fundamental law regarding time, is that you aren’t supposed to waste it. You have things you need to accomplish in life, and some of them will likely demand all of your allotment of time! Are you working on that, or playing? The bad thing is this; you have no idea when you’ll run out of time. You might have fifty years or five hours. Sorry.

If you think about it, you’ll note that the people who seem the most wise are the ones who are the busiest. They likely understand all about time and it’s limitations. Ergo, they keep working, while others play! Here’s my advice; when you find yourself bored, either get up and do something, (something good, don’t get wasted!),  or at least call someone you care about and say I love you. That’s never a waste of time, like watching Springer is!


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