Duct Tape for the Soul for June 6, 2014

Are You Too Busy To Get The Important Stuff Done?

Lots of people lie around, watching TV or just plain fiddling. They keep enough of a distraction going on, that they never have a quiet moment to think or contemplate, especially about their life, soul or dreams. Are you one of them? Maybe you’re the opposite, living such a jammed packed life, that you don’t have a single moment to yourself. Busy, busy, busy. I bet you’re proud of how much you get done, aren’t you?

Well, I have bad news; you’re no better off than the lazy slug, at least as far as managing your life is concerned. You aren’t here just to imitate a beaver! Life has a purpose beyond being a slave. You’re here to evolve your soul, to grow and move up toward the divine. Acting like an indentured servant, a slave, a busy beaver isn’t going to accomplish that.

So, what will, you wonder? Contemplation, evaluation and reflection on your life and soul, that’s what! Mindless anything seldom moves you to a better place. Just like making off hand, quick decisions, with no thought, is a recipe for disaster for your career or finances, so too is navigating life itself thoughtlessly. You can’t separate the wheat from the chaff  about values and your soul without taking the time to consider things!

Failing to consider your life and decisions deeply gets your butt fried endlessly, and you know it. You need to occasionally sit by yourself, and actually consider what you’re doing! The odds are pretty good that if you do, you’ll want to make more than one change! Deep down, you’re afraid to do the serious contemplation, knowing you’ll be shocked and appalled at what you discover. But would you rather piddle on blindly now, and have to explain to God why you took the easy path, and willingly chose to stay uninformed and ignorant of your soul? If you think that’s not worth considering, you really need some time alone, to reconsider things!


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