Duct Tape for the Soul for June 7 & 8, 2014

God Doesn’t Hate Comfort And Ease,  But He’s No Fan Of Them Either

You’d just love to have everything be perfect, each day calm and reasonable. No natural disaster, no upheavals, no revolutions. You’d secretly want each day to be just like the last, assuming the last was good. You’re less in love with consistency when things suck!  I don’t know if you’ve noticed this fact or not, but seldom are two days alike, especially good ones. They seem a lot sparser, don’t they?

Now most of you would love to sit in your favorite chair, oblivious to the outside world. Good luck with that! You aren’t here to enjoy life. Does that shock you? How many of you have begun to suspect that somehow? Well, good job, it’s certainly true. You’re here to learn and evolve your soul. Being comfy and living a cushy life runs counter to that!

Look, the more you’re up, making choices, being dumb and getting your butt kicked, the better you learn. God would be fine with a bit of rest and contemplation once in a while, but you start looking all toasty warm and comfortable, you’re toast! When you sit, relaxed and not learning, there’s nothing like a nice upheaval or disaster to liven your sorry self up! Divorce, down sizing, tornadoes, these all get you up and moving, whether you approve or not.

You’ve likely noticed that whenever someone gets too cushy and smug, the wheels fall off their life. Maybe you’ve had that enlightening event happen to you? All I can advise you is to resist the urge to blame God. Your instructions are clear and have no suggestion that being a contented sloth is okay. If you want to be a slouch, and refuse to learn, or even want to criticize God, let me have some warning. I don’t want to be standing next to you when God decides you need something to inspire your sorry butt to get moving!



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