Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 1, 2014

Wallowing In Loss Isn’t Helping!

How many people have you witnessed, who’ve become helplessly paralyzed by losing someone dear? Partner, lover, parent, child, it matters not whom is lost, they simply shrivel and withdraw, too miserable to do much of anything. They move through life, the walking dead, unresponsive and unwilling to allow anyone to help or get close. Are you one of them?

I’m not here to tell you that your grief is unwise or improper. What I will tell you is this; refusing to heal and move forward is foolish and wrong. You know I’m correct, you just don’t want to face the hard work of fixing your issue. You all know that life is transient and easily lost. We’re all living on borrowed time! But that makes healing even more desperately important and necessary!

Face it, you don’t want to sit, miserable and mournful; life is to be lived, and people, you included, need to be loved. How bad would the idea seem to you, that your reluctance to move on is based mostly on fear? Having lost someone, you’re afraid to let yourself love again! What if they died too?! How wicked would that be?! I hate to tell you this, but God doesn’t care how awful it is. He expects you to keep moving, and to find the will to love, again and again if necessary.

Certainly, it’s always tempting to just curl up in a ball and cry, but you won’t find love again doing that! Losing someone dear is a horrid experience, and it doesn’t get easier with practice. The risk is always there, always lurking. It is a great act of courage to overcome your fear, and reach out to another, to find someone else to love. The good news is this; nothing will heal you from your loss better than finding a new person to love!

The universe can be a scary place, so enormous and callous at times, that it makes even the boldest adult want to pee themselves like a two year old. We all face it better with others to love and cling to. You will lose people you love. I’m sorry. God demands that you keep moving, and love someone else when that happens. Letting yourself be miserable isn’t improving your soul, and won’t help you find more love.  Besides attracting more bad karma, and getting your butt kicked by God when you die, it isn’t doing anything else for you either. Let it go, and move on. There’s joy out there, that can be yours. You won’t find it sitting at home alone being pathetic. Finding more love is the best bandaid for a hurt heart, but you need to look for it, to experience that for yourself. Get busy. Now.



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