Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 11, 2014

Could This Be Your Problem?

Many of you are lonely, miserable and hungry, lacking someone worthy to love. Every human requires this thing, great or small. How many times have you thought you had it, only to be proven wrong, or worse, to have tossed it away? Not very fun to contemplate, is it?

Ahhhh, but it gets worse! You likely have no clue, but you walk by dozens each week, who would set your socks and your soul on fire. They’re just as lonely and miserable as you, so why can’t you connect with one? Well, for starters, you probably aren’t even looking! Most people keep their eyes focused on the ground in front of their feet, and only glance furtively ahead upon occasion. You see other people doing the same thing, don’t you?

But even if you are heads up and looking around, what do you really see? Lots of people too this or that, to tall, too short, too fat, skinny, who have the wrong hair color, wrong makeup, seem too old or too young! You hold up your magic filter, your people judging template, and no one measures up! Amazing! So you go hame alone. Even if you see someone who looks cute and yummy to you, you’re too afraid to walk over and say hello! I mean, who’d risk getting slapped or hauled off to jail for a chance to meet Mr. or Ms Right!

You really should reconsider your template a bit more, don’t you think? You used it to find your horrid, ex, the husband, wife, boy or girlfriend that was the devil’s offspring! How many losers has it gotten you so far? If you aren’t deliriously happy with someone, it obviously isn’t working!

Look, if you shopped for food the way you shop for a companion, you’d starve! If you go to the store to buy a box of cornflakes, and the shelf is bare, do you just go hungry, or do you try something else? Ahhh! What a marvelous idea! Perhaps you might apply that to your love life. But don’t think I’m suggesting you comprimise on the important stuff; honesty, values, where and how to live life, children, those aren’t subject to compromise. But all the other stuff should be.

But you can loosen up your crazy, dysfunctional ideas of what a marvelous partner might look like. Allow me to confess something; when I was young, I had zero interest in blonds of any kind. I was totally infatuated with brunettes and super dark haired girls. Then I eneded up sorta by accident sleeping with a cute, chubby blond. I’ve never been the same! She taught me to not be so hidebound and picky about the opposite sex. You might need a bit of that “enlightenment” too. Just a suggestion!



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