Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 12, 2014

Determined or Stubborn; Which Are You?

You want what you want, don’t you? Are you determined to get it, or to accomplish something, or are you merely being a stubborn fool? Hard to tell, isn’t it? If the people around you like your enterprise, or approve of your plans and goals, you’ll be seen as a wonderfully determined being! Bravo! If they disagree, then you’ll be labeled as merely stubborn for persuing it. If many people disagree, and you show no signs of giving up, then you’ll likely be labled a stubborn ass!

But should you give in to popular opinion, or just push on? It can be frightfully hard to decide. You aren’t inclined to be the least objective about the matter, anymore than you’d be honest over any thing else! We tend to be blind to most of our folly, as it were. So, what should you do? Keep on, or give up?

Well first, don’t listen to the rabble, the co-workers, the hangers-on, the people you chat with on Facebook! They don’t deserve a vote. Something serious should only be presented to your closest confidants, the dearest friends. You can count on the others to just want to manipulate you for their own gain, more than anything!

Look, if all your close people think you’re an ass, stubborn and misguided, maybe you should rethink your doings. But if your heart is one hundred percent determined, then keep on! Assuming what you’re doing isn’t making you OD, bleed, pass out in public places etc. If they’re actually correct, they’ll eventually get to say, “I told you so!” It may hurt, but it won’t kill you! Know what will suck the very life and soul from you? Giving up on the advice of others, and then discovering later that you were actually on the right path. The bitterness from that will poison you forever!



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