Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 14, 2014

Are You Pretending To Communicate?

How badly has your technology eroded your closeness to others? When you sit across from someone, close enough to touch them, and speak with them, you can evaluate their honesty and state of being. You see their expressions, hear their voice, and by so doing, you gain much information about them.

Speaking on the phone kills all the visual clues, but leaves the voice intact. That’s helpful, since you can hear many shifty things when someone speaks and lies. So what have you got when you toss that aside, and text or email people? Frankly, nothing of worth! On a smart phone screen or computer monitor, all you’ve got are words, stripped of any emotional markers, and void of emotion. That cute smiley face is just plain old BS!

Now if someone wants to lie to you, this is paradise. If you want honesty and closeness, it’s a lot nearer to hell! You have heard that politicians are now using this tech stuff to disseminate their propaganda and lies? Guess what, your friends and lover are likely using it the same way!

Technology has it’s uses, of course. Calling to say you’ll be late, and not to worry, can be a nice touch. Well, unless you text it to hide the fact that you’re off to meet your slutty mistress or side interest! Then it serves the darkness! I’d certainly suggest you never hold a serious conversation, or an inquisition using tech; grill in person, and use all your senses to gain a true understanding of what the other person is really up too.

Honestly, you can’t see that other person sweating when they lie to you via text! Or hear them stumble like they do when you ask the truely embarrassing questions. If you just want to know someone, you need to be face to face a whole lot more. Listening and seeing are very useful. So is touching! Face it, nothing naughty is going to happen over the internet! You need one on one contact for being really friendly! Use the phone to get together. Then turn the damn thing off! You’re welcome.


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