Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 15 & 16, 2014

You Can’t Dream or Do Too Big For God

What pray tell are you hoping to accomplish with your life? Are you working to love someone, raise functioning children, be respected and admired for your generous works of charity? Perhaps you aspire to fame and fortune? Or maybe you’d just like to get laid occasionally! Is your plan working, or are you spinning your wheels, going nowhere?

Look, in all my years, I’ve never once had God tap me on the shoulder, and suggest I was working too hard, or had chosen too big of a dream! He seemed to imply several times that I was underperforming, and needed to step up the efforts a bit. I mostly ignored that, until some sudden disaster arrived to give me pause, and a reason to re-evaluate my understanding of His standards!

I’ve undertaken some crazy things, that seemed ridiculously over-reaching even to me. God frankly doesn’t care how gung ho you try to be. He seems to heap his condemnation on the lazy ones, the slackers and those inclined to live on the efforts of others. Certainly, you shouldn’t be foolish, and try to singlehandedly change the world by yourself. You’d just frustrate yourself and accomplish nothing. But most people aren’t in much danger of that, I can promise you!

Face it, you’re pretty conservative about your dreams and efforts. Half of the human race would just pee themselves, rather than walk to the bath room, if they could avoid having to mop up the puddle! Few are overzealous! Are you one of them? Did you surrender all your dreams because it seemed easier than working your butt off to accomplish any of them? Not only will you regret that in this life, you’ll have reason to regret it when you die, and maybe in the next life too!

Look, if you’ve toured all my website and this blog, you’ve found a lot of stuff. I started out to build a simple, author website. Then I wondered what God might find interesting or useful! And what’s here now is just the beginning of what I’m committed to putting up! He insn’t stingy with inspiration or insight, if you get Him involved! Maybe you’d be wise to consider that? Life isn’t supposed to be filled by you sitting, playing video games or Facebooking. Life needs active participation, and you can’t over live or over dream!


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