Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 17, 2014

You’re Avoiding the Hard Questions, Aren’t You?

How ofetn do you sit, alone in the quiet, and just contemplate on your life? Have you ever done that? Or are you like way too many people, keeping the music blaring, the TV on, always something making noise and keeping you from having to think? You’re hiding from yourself, you do get that, don’t you?

You don’t want to consider whether you’re really happy or not, or consider why you’re alone or miserable. That’s a drag, and no fun, right? But tell me this; how do you ever expect things to get better, if you not only don’t make plans to improve them, but don’t even consider why things are crappy to begin with?!

Opps. How embarrassing. You’d rather pretend things are wonderful, than do something that might feel like work, wouldn’t you? Or maybe you just instinctively know an honest accounting of that mess you call your life would involve some serious guilt. After all, space aliens didn’t make you sleep with all those losers, or drop out of school, and end up with a crappy job that you hate, did they?

Look, everyone has things they regret, things they hate admitting they did wrong. I get that, (and I’ve got an ex-wife from hell that I’m still embarrassed about too), but without an honest accounting, you aren’t learning anything or going to move on to something better. Ignoring your real feelings, your true state of being just makes you keep repeating the same dumb mistakes. Being a fool at twenty is embarrassing; being a fool at eighty five is way worse than embarrassing! The sooner you take honest stock of your life, the sooner you get to start building a better one!

The first step is to turn off your phone, the TV, the stereo. Sit in the quiet, alone, and actually think. Make a list of all the dumb things you’ve done, the things you regret. Decide which friends are healthy and good, and which are crappy and dragging you down!  Then decide what you want in life. It may take a lot of tries, doing this, to even find what your real life dream is supposed to be. Pretend your’re treasure hunting, and keep at it, until you find something that truely excites you. Then you can start phase two; figuring out how to get to that dream. Get busy, you’ve already wasted a lot of time!



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