Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 18, 2014

Fix the Leak First?

If you found yourself in a leaky boat, you’d want to bail it out, wouldn’t you? If you’re eager to swim, then that’s a fine approach, but it isn’t what an experienced or wise person does. The proper thing to do is to PLUG the HOLE! Then you can bail at your leisure. I bet you’ve never considered yourself a leaky boat, but the analogy is simply amazing. You have all sorts of holes in the fabric of your existance, especially emotional ones.

Worse, you spend countless amounts of time bailing out the consequences of these leaks. Ever get tired of all this bother? Then maybe you need to plug some holes! Are you lonely and miserable? Then get off your butt and look for someone who’ll give you some emotional input! God doesn’t make lovable people drop from the sky, as you should already know.

Is your job bleeding you dry? How bad do you hate it? How much TV and junk food do you consume, sitting each night, angry and upset at how poorly you’re treated by the slave driver you work for? Maybe, instead of this nonfunctional approach, you’d be wise to get some education, or training, and go find a better job? Pretending isn’t helping all that much, is it?

Are your family or your friends the source of your angst, or do you insist on making ill-informed decisions that keep you bailing? Time to do something more productive, don’t you think? Look, trying to plug the holes in your life with booze, drugs or things isn’t much of an answer; the problems just keep pouring in, and you get closer to going under. You can fix your life, make it better, plug the holes, but you don’t do that by sitting on your rear and hoping a miracle happens. You have a brain and opposable thumbs for a reason. God is a do-it-yourself sort of entity. Are you willing to plug the holes, or do you want to keep bailing? Like all things, it’s your choice. Maybe you need to make a better one?


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