Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 20, 2014

Bitterness Doesn’t Suit You Well

Do you really enjoy wallowing in bitterness? An awful lot of people certainly act like they do! Are you one of them? What’s your bitterness quotent? Are you still bitter about being stood up for the eight grade dance, or some other, ancient disappointment? Are you bitter about your cheating ex, or worse, your cheating spouse right now?! How much are you bitter about your job or employment situation? Does that smarty young supervisor make your day a form of purgatory, especially when they’re a dunce compared to you?

You’ve likely got just mounds of things to be bitter about, having been wronged and neglected, abused and slighted over and over. Who doesn’t, right? But how much are you bitter about all the crappy things you’ve done to hurt or screw over everyone else? My, sure got quiet all of a sudden, didn’t it? You’d really not want to consider that all that much, would you?

You may not have considered this before, but maybe you’ve got less reason to be bitter than you thought! You did wake up today, alive and breathing. A new day holds the promise of new and better things, as much as it does the possibility of bringing more things to be bitter about. If you’d honestly examine all the things you’re bitter about, you’d likely find that many, if not most of them, were the result of your poor choices, or lack of attention.

So what are your biggest sources of bitterness? Job, relationships, or the lack thereof? What pray tell, are you doing to improve those parts of your life? Don’t tell me prayer, even though prayer isn’t unworthy. But understand this; God isn’t running a welfare operation, isn’t Santa Claus tossing goodies out to people. He expects you to use that fine brain He gave you, and to get up off that well developed, and overused butt, and make an effort.

Here’s a secret; when you’re doing the work of life, learning, seeking, trying to love and help others, you’ll have much less stuff to be bitter about. And even when you do get dinged by something crappy in life, you’ll be too bust to sit and complain. Or to be bitter. Also, understand this too: people avoid people who are bitter, or who complain or whine non-stop. Does that suggest something? Ditch the bitterness, it’s making your life even worse than you already think it is! That sounds pretty dumb because it is! Get busy!


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