Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar 22 & 23, 21014

You Should Be Sleeping With A Friend!

Caught your eye, didn’t it? No, I’m not suggesting something naughty, but something much more deep and profound. I’ve noted over the years that many couples exist as all sorts of things, but friends isn’t one of them. Each goes elsewhere for that sort of closeness. Their relationship may have sex, but it isn’t the sort of sex that comes from sleeping with the person you share your deepest soul with. Frankly, many people act like live in sex dolls.

Even if you are friends with your spouse or lover, you likely know people who have none of this deep intimacy. They may share chores, bills, kids and sex, but they have no more idea of what the other thinks than they’d know of someone on the other side of the planet! Of course, lots of people start out shallow, having hot sex, and the newness is exciting enough, for sure. People get married based on this, hoping and pretending they know something about the other person, but that’s mostly a lie.

It’s hard enough to stay close to someone you actually do know deeply; what do you think the odds are when you start out clueless? And eventually, you’re doomed to see the sex get less exciting, as you get bored with the shallowness. Or you gain weight, and start getting older. Suddenly, its not fun any more and you know what happens then? Our divorce rate is a sad testament to this fateful scenario.

Look, having sex with a chubby person you know deeply and like is a lot more exciting than having sex with a chubby stranger. It just is. Knowing this, you’d be well advised to want more depth and closeness; you’d want to be sleeping with a friend. Perhaps you’d see this as why so many people eventually give in and go sleep with a friend! It’s just sad that their friend isn’t their spouse or legitimate partner! There’d be a whole lot less nastiness if people got that right. And more evil divorce attorneys would starve to death, always a nice touch!

Look, before you’re married, that’s the time to sleep with your friend! See if they’re worthy of moving up to permenant status as the special partner! Sleeping with them once you’re married is a ticket to lots of trouble. If you can’t introduce you’r fiance or bethrothed as your best friend you’re about to marry the wrong person. Stop! And if you’re married to or just sleeping with someone other than your best friend, you’ve got work to do. Assuming you intend to keep sleeping with them long term. Being friends is the key. Have you gotten there? Or do you need to be doing something about that?




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