Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 24, 2014

Stop Serving the Darkness!

That offends you, doesn’t it? The very idea that you’d willingly serve the godless realm, that you’d do evil, that makes you really mad, doesn’t it? Pull up a rock and sit, you aren’t going to enjoy hearing what I’ve got to say!

Let’s start with this; how often do you say cruel and snippy things to other people? Don’t think you ever do? Maybe you should ask everyone you know? I’d bet good money you get mad and say things to others that would make you cry or cringe, if they were said to you! Or maybe you don’t say them to the object of your ire, but you say them to others, behind the targets back? Oh, you didn’t know that was wicked? My, my.

Or try this on for size; how many times last week did you say something nice to someone? You go out of your way to compliment people on a regular basis, right? Oh, that’s right, you’re busy, and stressed! People should just know all the nice things you think instinctively, yes? And I bet you’ve never avoided a friend, co-worker or other person who was struggling, rather than get bogged down in giving them a shoulder to cry on? What a saint you are!

Besides, you’re no counselor or cleric; its not your place to deal with all that emotional messiness, is it? Bad news, dear fellow soul, you have no higher reason for even breathing than such undertakings! Ninety percent of your grade for this life is based on how you interact with others! Trying to avoid those who need you, who might be helped by your compassion and care is a one way ticket to a serious butt ripping when you die. The work of life is loving people! Not making partner or owning lots of expensive crap!

Understand this; when you avoid helping others, shirk the opportunity to hug and love a fellow soul in need, you’ve not just committed a sin, you’ve committed an act of evil! God doesn’t care if you’re late with your presentation at work, because someone showed up the eveing before, and needed to talk half the night! Your job, your career is so much nonsense and crap to the Divine realm.

Neglecting you fellow souls is evil. Refusing to care, to love, makes you a servant of the Darkness. Period. So, tell me again; do you serve the darkness, or the Divine? There’s only one correct way to answer that question, and if you can’t do so without lying, you need to overhaul your existance. Now.


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