Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 25, 2014

Is Anyone In Your Life Really Who You Think They Are?

Have you ever considered how much you engage in fantasy regarding the people you know? Humans have a decidedly profound tendency to see what they want in other people. You start out pretending your parents are who you’d like them to be, working hard to overlook all their flaws. Who doesn’t want the person raising them to be worthy of admiration, whether it’s deserved or not!

You go from this, to doing the same thing with your friends. You go crazy when your parents or siblings tell you that your best buddy is a deranged weirdo, a loser, don’t you? Eventually you’ll know the truth better, and that only makes for bitterness. The sad thing is that you’ll keep repeating this, moving from person to person on hope and faith, not reality.

Eventually, you start lusting for the opposite sex, (Or the same one, the problem is the same), and the minute you meet one that seems yummy, you’re utterly infatuated! You’ve found the one! Miss or Mr. Perfection, and you’re busy planning your wedding. Good luck with that! While you’re busy pretending, stoking up your fantasy, you’re overlooking the warning signs, and denying reality. Naturally, most times this leads to disallusion, and, you guessed it, more bitterness.

The amazing thing isn’t that we do this, but that we keep doing it! Apparently we humans aren’t nearly as bright as we’d like to believe! Look, it is exciting finding a new friend or lover, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you were doing what you should, you’d be awash in people to love and treasure, and eager to find more! The problem is that we get bogged down in wishful thinking, pretending good people are saints, and that evil people are, well, maybe not perfect, but good enough to sleep with?

Here’s a better idea. When you meet someone new, resist the urge to close your eyes amd dream. Keep them open and look closely at the other party. Ask questions and listen to their answers. Your soul can hear lies if you’ll use it properly. Don’t waste time on the wicked ones; you’ll have more time for the good ones if you do this! That’s what you want, isn’t it? To be surrounded by honest, decent, caring people? Just don’t expect everyone to be a saint; you need at least one with naughty tendencies, if you expect to have a certain type of fun!



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