Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 26, 2014

Victimhood Isn’t Working All That Well

Some people seem to constantly be dragging their cross noisily through life. They moan and complain, whine and cry over one thing or another. You likely know at least one person who does this, might be guilty of it yourself at times! Mostly this is done in the hope of gaining sympathy or special favor. Much like a small child whines, wanting to be picked up and cuddled, or to avoid doing something other than play, adults display an amazingly similar tendency all too often.

The sad fact is this; most of what anyone has to cry about is the result of their own foolish doing. You make horrid choices, you get your butt kicked. That’s how God’s universe works, and all the complaining and crying on earth won’t change it a bit! You hate it when people you know do this, especially if they’re someone close that you love. You’re much more inclinded to overlook it when it’s you doing it!

The bad news is that you aren’t getting much sympathy from those around you, once you try this a few times. Even worse, God isn’t going to reward you for it either! Perhaps you’d be wise to remember that old addage, God helps those who help themselves? Sitting and playing the victim, when you aren’t, is a wicked act, dishonest and sinful. Only if you are a true victim of life do you deserve any sympathy, and refusing to pick yourself up, to move on from it is not doing your soul any good either!

Please understand this; there are people around you who will love and comfort you, when you need that. They’ll be a lot more eager to if you don’t wear them out with the faux misery. Put your effort into making better choices, and you’ll have less reason to be in need of sympathy to begin with! If your friends or loved ones are engaging in this, be gentle, but boot them firmly in the rear for it! If you are a legitimate victim, and no one around you cares, then you’ve made some bad choices in friends and companions! Fix that immediately! Stop wasting time having a fit, and stop dragging that cross around. You’ll only hurt your back in addition to your soul!


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