Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 27, 2014

Does Your Partner Know The Real You?

Do you ever talk about the deep things of life? Have you told your partner what you suspect about God, the universe, history, them? Have you ever shared all of your history; the things, that you feel guilty about, or that left the big scars? Or maybe you’re afraid they’d run screaming out the door? Most of us have some dirt under our personal rug; have you let them actually see any of it?

You aren’t alone, in your reluctance; many people, if not most, hide their deepest selves. You display a cheesy image, a sketch that looks better than what you think the real you would look like. Your past can be pretty embarrassing, that’s for sure. Try explaining that college night with the thirteen year old, the transvestite and the goat to your partner! Or maybe you got too personal with your friend’s father, when you were back in school.

Of course, if you’ve got some wicked dirt you’re concealing, and the statute of limitations hasn’t passed, you’d have a bit of a reson to be nervous. But most people won’t come clean even when they aren’t faced with jail. But the truth is out there, lurking, always a danger to you, just waiting to pop up when you’re least expecting it. Worse, your lack of forthrightness keeps you from being deeply known. You can’t display what you learned, or how much you grew from it as long as you hide yourself.

Being open about who you really are, and where you’ve traveled on the road of life is important. Living as a pale shadow of your real self is a form of lying, a dishonesty that erodes your soul. You can’t hide a thing from God, and no one else gets to judge your butt! If the people around you can’t love and respect the real you, well, you’re wasting your life on them! Illusion isn’t going to get you loved, if honesty won’t! Try to think about that more!


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