Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 28, 2014

You Ladies Don’t Understand Men Very Well

I’ve come across many women who seem entirely too bitter and angry at men. They accuse them of being wickedly coniving, intent on subjagating and oppressing the fairer sex. They feel manipulated and used. The simple truth is this; men don’t think deeply enough about you to figure out how to do anything that direct!

Now don’t have a fit; I’m not claiming that men aren’t wicked, or that they won’t lie to you! They will. They do. But it isn’t for any reason more complicated than to get in your panties! Men, assuming they find you desirable, (or at least willing), will go to all sorts of bother to be able to have sex with you. You’re sitting on something they want and desire. The rest of you is just along for the ride. Sorry.

Of course, men are inately programed to want to keep any woman they like, and who’s willing to have sex with them. The more willing you are, the more any given man will put up with your tendencies which he doesn’t like. You can bitch and complain endlessly about things especially while naked; he isn’t listening anyway. As long as you’re co-operative, and act eager and slutty, he’ll ignore the dent in the car, and pretty much anything else.

Look, your male companion hasn’t evolved all that much from the dark ages, when he was beating you with a club. He’d like you to be properly willing, and if you are, you can even get the average man to dress up and wear a tie on occasion. The sad fact isn’t that men are oppressing you, it’s that you don’t have the smarts to use your naughtiness to improve his appearance and manners! The typical man will do stupid crazy things just to get laid. Why aren’t you taking advantage of that vulnerability?

Our biologic programing is still working on us. Men are programed to care for and protect women, as much as women are programed to respond to male strength and power. The fact that lots of people seem to be on the downhill slide, and look pretty pathetic, doesn’t stop you from having those old urges. Instead of fighting that, why not learn to use them? If you ladies would think a bit more about what you’re doing, you could be running the planet. The men certainly aren’t smart enough to stop you, not as long as you’re willing to use your furry friend against us!


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