Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 29 & 30, 2014

You’ve Heard The Term, Young Soul?

I’d bet you know at least one person who’s a complete train wreck, don’t you? They act clueless, behave like they don’t possess a lick of sense. They’re always in trouble, always in need of rescue, aid, bail or a new partner! If they’re your child, you pull your hair out. A friend like this gets really tiresome, and God forbid if this describes your spouse!

You need, first off, an understanding of what you’re confronted with. This person has a young soul, one that has only made a few cycles on the wheel of life. They lack experience, and like most ypoung beings, they’re apt to be seduced by the pleasures of the five senses. If their behavior offends you, then likely you’ve moved on further along the path, and aren’t so easily corrupted by improper fun or wickedness. Congratulations! Now sit down and listen.

Every soul has to make the long journey to being like God; its why you have a soul in the first place. Your soul is a fragment of Him. Your task, which you’ll spend millions of lifetimes working on, is to evolve and grow that small fragment of soul into something more godly. You, like everyone else, has a long way to go. Looking down on the younger souls isn’t helping you!

It’s a thankless task, but your job is to set a decent example, and to not give in to their foolishness. You aren’t a saint or all that far past whizzing in your diaper, on the God scale either, so don’t get snotty. Do what you can to teach and assist. If you act mature and helpful, your butt isn’t getting beat off by God like theirs will be either, so relax! Of course, if the young soul in question is your child, that can be wicked. If you married the young soul, you proved you aren’t very far ahead of them either.  Try to remember that too.


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