Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 3, 2014

Don’t Want for the Wrong Things

Most people spend a lot of time and energy wanting things. Mostly they want things they are never going to have, and therefore keep themselves in a state of perpetual bitterness and envy. The sad thing is this; even if they got any of that stuff, they’d toss it in nothing flat, finding it isn’t half as nice or important as they dreamed it would be. Ever wonder why that is?

The answer is amazingly simple and just as amazingly embarrassing. You want with your mind, not with your soul. Your soul’s needs are much different. No soul yearns for a yacht, a bigger house, a fancy car. Your soul yearns for love, for meaning and purpose in life, not a bunch of junk that others will covet and try to steal!

You need to be in touch with your soul, so you’ll know what you truely need. Understand this; you can beg, cry, pray until you’re ready to fall over, but you aren’t getting much of the crap your mind thinks it wants. God has no intention of spoiling you with such foolish diversions.  He wants you to have the things your soul requires to be a decent and proper human.

Effort directed at that will get results. So will prayer. Getting that other junk would likely just corrupt your mind, and tarnish your soul. You’ve got enough issues already, without adding more! The successful, happy person has aligned their wants to what will aid their soul’s evolution. You can get aligned to the Divine plan. God isn’t comming over to your place, no matter how much you pray and plead. The sooner you get with it, the sooner you get the good stuff. Like love and happiness. Why are you still sitting?


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