Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 31, 2014

You Don’t Have To Do It The Hard Way!

God’s instruction is frequently quite painful and unpleasant. This isn’t because He wants it to be so wicked; it’s a consequence of you not paying attention to your life like you should. You make crappy choices, and Boom! You get the crappy consequences, thereby guaranteeing you learn the hardest way possible. When you refuse to learn at all, the choices become even more limited and the potential consequences more dire. That’s your fault, not His.

God’s system for the edification of souls is marvelously simple and straightforward: You have free will. Life brings you a continuous stream of choices to make. All of them have options, with some more wise than others. You get to make those choices. Then you get the consequences of them. The bad choices beat your butt on the spot. Some are more subtle, and take longer to show up. When you get your fingers slammed in lifes door, you can learn from it, or keep slamming the door on your fingers. Most of you like to cry and complain to God about how “unfair” life is, instead of learning anything.

Now even a total dunce would likely admit that driving drunk is risky and unwise. Ditto for mugging or raping someone. Do evil, get hammered, is pretty straight forward. But in God’s universe, there a more easily overlooked category of wickedness that gets you fried. I call it the Lazy Person’s Evil and it consists of what you don’t bother to do, that you should. Passing up a chance to say I love you to someone who needs to hear it, not wanting to miss your crappy TV show to listen to a hurting friend, these are counted as evil acts, as much as robbing a store would be.  Oops.

Its easy to not pay any attention to the choices you make, to be a dunce and just take the easy path in life. Do you really want to do this an extra million lifetimes? God has all the time in existance, and an infinite amout of patience. He’ll make you repeat the lessons a billion times, if you want to be a stubborn ass. Do you? Or would you like to have a better, nicer life? If you don’t like being lonely, broke, in prison, treated like crap by everyone, you need to be making better choices. Compalining to God over your lousy decisions isn’t ever going to work. God insist that you learn. You get to choose whether those lessons will be easy or hard. Perhaps you should think about this more deeply?


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