Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 4, 2014

  You Wanted to be Taxi Drivers?

It is easy to allow your relationship with your partner to erode. Life can be so intrusive. Work, chores, errands, kids, run, run, run. You sometimes only speak briefly while passing, desperately passing information, handing off kids. When at last you are both home, the day is over, the time for sleep has come and you’re both exhausted. You have again allowed job number one to become the last item on the list, if it even gets onto the list.

If you let your love, your relationship get away, what will you have then? Even more running and no partner to help? Hello! I’m talking to you! Sit down with your beleaguered other half and make a list. You need to edit your life. Now! You didn’t take on all this crap in one shot did you? I know, it creeps in, one small obligation at a time. Everyone wants “just a bit” of your time, and so many things seem reasonable and worthy. But you’re killing your relationship, your soul and the quality of your life!

I’ll bet your kids have way too many activities and you have way too many commitments. Whack them down to size. Don’t listen to your kids whining. Tell me when you dreamed of being a taxi driver? I thought so. If your kids have ten activities, let them keep the five the want the most. Not six! Do the same to your list. Now! While you still have a relationship to save! You want a life worth living? Make time for each other, for walks, for idle conversation, for some naughty fun. You do vaguely remember what that is, don’t you?

Remember, you did not have kids to be slaves! Neither did you have them to make up for your lousy childhood…or did you? Then shame on you! They need to do based on what they need, not on what you felt cheated out of. They are not clones, but unique souls…try to remember that too! If you don’t have time to sit and hear the birds chirp, or to watch the sun rise or set, never see the stars, you’re living a life devoid of meaning and beauty. God never intended you to make yourself a slave to others, especially to your kids! You have pruning to do!

©2012  Jack Bessie


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