Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 5, 2014

Why do You Choose Such Losers To Love?

Have you ever wondered why you decide to “love” the people you do? Or worse, why you reject the ones you turn away? You’re a black box, aren’t you? Just one obscure mystery. Would you be shocked to know that you pass over lots of amazingly wonderful people, ones who’d love you almost as much as God does, who’d set your sheets on fire with their sexy willingness? Guess why? Because you don’t like their hair, their clothes, how they laugh!

You reject people for the shallowest reasons, never giving them a second glance. You never bother to take five minutes, to see what they think, what sort of soul they have. Yes, you’re that shallow! Worse than who you pass over is the flip side of your flawed selection process; you’d go out with Jack the Ripper, if they dressed nice, and drove a neat car! If you understood what you’ve passed up so far in life, you’d be on the floor in tears!

How many wicked losers have you been with so far? Not a pretty sight, is it? Oh, sure, I’ve got my own roster of bad choices, including an ex that makes Lucifer look like an angel! But guess what? I learned from my foolishness, and started looking a lot closer at who I related with. I can assure you of this; the best people I’ve met all had flaws. Chubby thighs, terrible fashion sense, annoying nervous laughter. But they more than made up for it with a soul that was AAA and an ability to love that was amazing! The classiest woman I ever was associated with was my ex, and she was a spawn of the Dark Lord! Go figure!

Maybe you’d be wise to think more deeply about who you hang with? And learn to give people a better chance to “impress” you. Dating and marrying soulless toads isn’t likely to get you to a happy place, no matter how cute and sharp they look. You should know that by now. Do you, or do you have more work to do? Get busy.


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