Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 6, 2014

You Hate Your job?

So tell me, do you love it or hate it? Your job is a large part of your life after all. If you’ve got one that you love, congratulations! Now you dozen sit down and let me address the rest! You may not actually hate your job, but it isn’t setting your soul afire, is it? How’d you end up with this? Did you actually try to get the job you have, and now dislike, despise or hate?

There’s a lot of optimism expended in the search for a job. The people hiring always lie, and tell you the job is better than it is. They also beat you up most times, wanting you to work for as little as possible. Once you see how much you screwed yourself, its hard to be content, isn’t it?

If you’re desperate for a job, it’s even easier to lie to yourself about how attractive a job looks. Then you see more clearly, and boom; you find you’re a slave! In the good old days, you could just go find a better job and quit working for the evil company. Good luck with that in this economy! You can’t even find a worse job, let alone a better one! Unless you have some crazy rare skills, you can’t afford to quit even a job on a slave galley!

I can tell you this; just sitting, hoping something better might appear is not likely to bear much fruit. You can’t afford to be passive. What dreams do you have? What would you like to do, if you could do something different? Maybe it’s time to chart a new course? Get some new skills, some education, some training, or quit imatating a tree, and consider packing up and moving to where some better jobs are available?

Life goes on, with or without you. You can stay a slave, continue to go to a job you dislike, until it becomes a job you hate. Or you can exercise that free will God gave you, and get off your butt to do something for your life! God isn’t saving you from your bad choices, so quit wasting time praying for a miracle. You want one, get busy and make one. You have the ability to do so. The question is, do you have the will? Maybe that depends on just how much you hate your present job?


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