Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 7, 2014

Maybe You Should Do Your Part?

You are all guilty of at least one type of sin that you don’t even realize is a sin; care to hazard a guess as to what it is? How often do you pass up the chance to tell your spouse, your parents, your children, “I love you!”? How often do you spend a moment to tell your friends how much you treasure their company, their friendship? When was the last time you took a few moments to listen to the co-worker whom you knew was struggling with problems?

You ever see someone upset or crying in public? Did you walk over, and offer a kind word, offer to listen? You just walked by, embarressed for them, didn’t you? Everyone complains, demands a better world, wishes people were more honest and open, but you aren’t helping much with that, are you?

Oh, sure, you’re too busy. You have to get home and watch crap on TV, or check your Facebook page, to see if some other person with no real life has sent you anything! You know where I’m going, don’t you? The world isn’t getting better if you don’t MAKE it better! And you don’t make it better by refusing to engage the people who pass in front of you! The U.N. isn’t saving humanity, or improving your soul.

Sin? What did I mean about that? Simple. Doing evil is wicked and sinful. Everyone understands that, but sit down, this will likely shock you; refusing to do good, avoiding helping others, passing up the chance to say a kind word, or to love another is also considered by God to be an act of evil! Oops! How many over looked that fact? Sorry, but it’s true.

So, what do you want to do, to make the world a better place? Say I love you more? Affirm the people you care about? Go out of your way to love and help others? It’s your choice. Just stop complaining about how crappy the world is if you aren’t working more fully to improve it. Hypocrisy is also a sin, in case you missed that memo too!


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