Duct Tape for the Soul for May 1, 2014

Your Soul Is As Good As Anyone’s

People all seem so different. Smart, dumb, decent, evil, none seem all that alike. You may have a brain in this life that would embarrass a lemur, may have all manner of physical charmes or impairments, but one fact remains, that you’ve likely not considered; your soul is exactly the same as everyone else’s! Well, it’s the same make and model as all the rest. God only creates one kind for humans, and yours started out exactly the same as any other.

It isn’t at the same stage of development, however. That’s a product of how many lives you’ve lived, and how many lessons you’ve mastered. You, the Dali Lama, or Miley Cyrus all sport the same basic soul, you’d just hope yours is a bit farther along than some might be! The evolution of the Divine part of you is mostly left up to you, after all. God cranks out a new soul, and turns it loose with its nifty free will, and it goes off to make decisions, choices that will prove instructive It’s remarkably simple and elegant.

People do a lot of complaining, however, wanting to blame someone else for the state of their advancement. I’m pretty sure God finds that amusing! It can be a long slow process, should you insist on being slow, and making really retarded choices in your life. It is your choice. The life you have at any one moment is mostly a result of your past failings or success. When you learn new things, you don’t have to repeat the lessons like you do when you’re a dunce. Life is honestly no more complicated than third grade.

You make a lot of problems for yourself when you refuse to learn, and even worse, when you try to use your imagined “poorer” soul as an excuse. You’ve got the same soul Jesus or Einstein started with, but some people seem more eager to move up, and grow faster in Divinity. The choice is yours. But you need to respect your own soul, and regard it as the equal treasure it is. No one has a better model. Some people just take better care of what they’ve got! Maybe you should try to be one of them too?


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