Duct Tape for the Soul for May 10 & 11, 2014

Are You Moved By The World Around You?

For uncounted eons, humans wandered, following first game, and then livestock, the grazing herds. Rootless and nomadic, they were still deeply attached to the earth and sky, and sensed a spiritual fabric around themselves. The natural environment awed them, and the mystic stars, which appeared each cloudless night, evoked a sense of wonder that any now can still feel, should you find a patch of dark sky.

The peoples who came before us had no science, yet they had an innate understanding of their world, built up over generations, and passed by stories and words from one generation to the next. Life was knowable, at least in part. Signs of game, weather signs, indicators for resources of vital supplies and weapons were learnable and simple. Beauty was endless, and endemic, from sunrise to sunset; the world was a constantly shifting pallette of color and stunning richness.

How many of you can today feel this wonder? Trapped in concrete cities, the blaze of a billion lights errodes your view of the stars, and the endless vista of buildings obscures the natural world utterly. Is it any wonder so many have no connection to the soul of this world? To the awesomeness of creation, and the magnificence of the night sky? We are blinded by our puny technology, cut off from that which inspired our ancestors to undertake great journeys, to explore and know.

Our primative ancestors were moved daily by the world around them. You think you are better educated, smarter than those before you, as you understand less and less about more and more. You now know nothing that you have discovered, possessing only the things foisted off on you by others. You’ve let your wonder slip away, as well as your faith and ability to dream. We are tiny creatures in an emmense ocean of time and space. A place of beauty beyond your comprehension. Stop staring at the dirt under your feet! Look up! There is our future, the place of dreams, and the destiny that can be our own, if we remember who we truely are.


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