Duct Tape for the Soul for May 13,2014

Do You Know Who Anyone Is?

You probably have some illusions about your friends and family. You go along for years, assuming them to be a certain way, and then suddenly you wake up one day and boom! they aren’t what you thought at all. You’ve seen people on TV, after some horrid crime or terrible tragedy, with all the family and friends standing around, shocked. “We had no idea at all he could do something like that” or some such you’ll hear. Guess what…you’re just as oblivious to others as that bunch was.

It’s not that you don’t want to know people well, at least some of the time. We do willingly choose to overlook some crazy things, not wanting to be an accessory or such. We’re stuck with some people, either being married to or related to them. Who wants to know that uncle Bob tortures small animals in the basement at night? But it isn’t just the sicko or pervert you’d rather not know about!

Face it, you don’t want to know that the person you’re dating has skid marks in their undies, do you? Or that they think farting is a fun activity on a rainy day. Ditto the idea that they worship a god that’s purple and who eats bugs. You certainly don’t want to know much about the people you work with either. You silently hope they wash their hands after wiping their butt, even though hidden camers prove the odds are half don’t! And you hate to hear how much they love all the politicians you’d like to hang.

Look, everyone talks about needed to be closer to people, but that’s a mixed bag. If you’re sleeping with someone, you need to know things. The mailman…not so much. What’s crazy is how much people avoid knowing the people they live with, or have sex with. I’ve know couples that have been married decades, and neither could tell you anything improtant about the others hopes, fears or beliefs. Whether that’s good or bad isn’t all that clear either. We talk a lot about being close to people, but we don’t practice it all that much. I want to condem that fact, but I’m having a hard time, considering some of the people I know.


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