Duct Tape for the Soul for May 15, 2014

Just Say No!

You will be tempted many times in life, as there is an endless stream of people wanting to involve you in one wicked enterprise or another. Opportunities for outright crime may not come along, but many wicked chances to do something you shouldn’t are a dime a dozen! If you have any moral sense at all, you’ll know when the time to run away comes. If you hear the words, no one will know! that’s an unbeatable sign to hit the road.

In a world where everybody is snooping, the chances of you not getting caught are pretty slim. If you have any conscience at all, you’ll be tormented forever, even if you don’t get caught by others! Why do that to yourself? Naturally, God will know, and who needs more stupid decisions to be lectured about when you die? Spare yourself the agravation, and avoid the whole problem!

Now even if you have no conscience, and no expectation of God’s judgement, you still have the perfect reason to say no to anything improper. Consider this; if the person proposing the wickedness is such a weasel as to want to do wrong, what’s to stop them from tossing you under the bus if they get in a bind later? That’s right, you know they will. There is no honor among thieves, or among anyone lacking in morals.

Oh sure, they belittle your lack of will, your cowardice, but why would you care what a sleazy loser thinks of you? You’d be wise to just rat them out and move on! If you’re even still considering something improper, you can’t even trust yourself! Don’t! Just say no! And start looking for a better person to hang with, pronto!


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