Duct Tape for the Soul for May 23, 2014

Just Because You Can’t See It, Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There.

Scientists are a hidebound and stubborn lot. They’re all puzzled by the workings of the human mind. They understand nothing of dreams, visions, perception and consciousness. Is it any wonder? They refuse to acknowledge the existance of the soul or even God! Their justification seems mostly to be, “We can’t find either one so obviously they don’t exist.” Their failure would be quite funny, if it wasn’t so completely tragic.

Stay with me a moment. You understand that bacteria do exist, and cause all sorts of problems at times, right? Yet scientists all refused to “believe” in them until the microscope was invented. Viruses exist, causing even worse ailements, but again, scientists refused to believe in their existence until the electron microscope made them visible. Nobody much was sure about sub-atomic particles either, until someone built a detector the size of ten arenas, that could capture a track of where one had been!

Now what this proves is fairly simple: just because your current lab equipment can’t detect something, you’d be a moron to say it can’t exist! Apparently most of our current scientists are morons! To deny the existence of God, the soul, angels or any other divine manifistantion because no one has figured out how to measure one, is a far stretch of logic. Every time the scientist think they’ve answered one thing, they find themselves worng on fifty others!

Look, God’s universe is a marvelously complicated thing, and we haven’t even begun to explore it. To deny God on the basis of someones failure to see Him, is really dumb. Actually, you can find God with little effort, if you use the correct tools. Your soul, being a fragment of God, can detect the Divine with ease, but you have to get off your butt and make an effort to do so. That the scientific commumity has become a bunch of Godless atheists should make you suspicious of science just a bit. Science is a box of tools for exploring God’s universe, nothing more. Don’t get religious about it, like the scientists do, that way goes to the dark side.  Remember how gung-ho the scientists were to sever Hitler and Stalin, if you aren’t sure.


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