Duct Tape for the Soul for May 24 & 25, 2014

It Isn’t Just The Trees In Nature That Move You

Ever wonder why you feel so inspired when you wander around in the open, among the forests, or mountains. It seems somehow significantly different to you than a nice day in your dingy city. You are uplifted, touched in ways you love, but don’t really understand. The reason is simple. You normal dwelling, your city is manmade, an unfortunate mix of good and evil, light and darkness. It is a stage whereupon the forces of good and evil dwell and battle.

Nature has none of that! It is a purer state, that brings you a glimpse of the Divine. Nature is a product of God’s perfection, of His creative will. Your heart is reminded of your eternal origins, your mind catches a reflection of pure Divine Light. This divinity speaks to your soul, it’s brother, nourising it, refreshing it, and reassuring it of it’s eternal connection to that Realm beyond all things.

When you see sunlight filtered through beautiful, living leaves, you see the nature and essence of creation. You, possessing a soul, which is part of God, are thus moved by this magnificence. It’s easy to lose your way, to lose sight of that which matters in life. Nature helps you reflect, helps you understand that no matter how dire things may be here and now, there is the eternal beauty of pure perfection, waiting for you when you finish this task. (Then you start over in the next life, but don’t get ahead of yourself).


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