Duct Tape for the Soul for May 27, 2014

Evaluate Your Friends

Let’s examine your friends a moment, shall we? How often are you mad at them? Do they disappoint you? Hurt your feelings frequently? Act thoughtlessly towards you? Are they just giving you back the crap you give them, or are you just an innocent victim? Are you mad because they won’t cater to your whims, won’t help you do stupid things that you want to do?

Did someone appoint you God? tell us! I’d bet money your friends would have a different take on this, if we asked them, especially if you weren’t standing there, yes? Maybe you just need to lighten up. You’d be a better friend if you did. It’s easy to want to be the one everyone leans on, but its even easier to be a bossy a-hole! Oops!

You can have great friends, but if you don’t appreciate them properly, don’t do your fair share to help the relationship, you won’t have them long. If your freinds are a bunch of trolls, who only want to use your stuff, well, that’s your fault, isn’t it? Why’d you let such a dysfunctional group get attached to you? Losers are like barnacles; you have to scrape them off ever so often. But make sure you aren’t the barnacle!

Look, I’ve had my share of lousy friends too. I put up with several because I thought that they were better than being alone. Eventually I grew up, and learned that being alone was much better than hanging with losers! Duh. You put up with people you don’t like or honestly respect for a variety of reasons; they’ve got a truck you can borrow, they loan you money when you’re broke, they have a hot brother or sister you’d like to sleep with! Be honest, we’ve all done it! It is worth the effort to find and maintain good friends. Just ask yourself this; if you are so perfect, and your friends suck, whose fault is that? Good luck finding better friends!


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