Duct Tape for the Soul for May 28, 2014

Do You Neglect The Important Things?

Ever have to dig through your clothes basket, (or worse, the pile), sniffing your dirty panties and clothes, to find something that is less offensive than most, because you’ve been lazy, and not bothered to do the laundry? Teens and college kids do so all the time, but I’d bet my shorts that lots of you are still doing this well past 25, 30, maybe even 50! Go ahead and laugh at yourself; God knows, everyone else would, even those with the same tendency! God would find that amusing too, at least compared to your other wicked failures!

Of course, your mother likely warned you against wearing dirty undies, (or worse, not wearing any at all!), but it’s easy to get in the habit of sloth. You’re likely lazy about staying in touch with people too, aren’t you? It’s easy to think, “I’ll call them next week,” but you somehow never do. It’s always shocking when someone dies, and you realize you never took the time to say I love you! one last time. Embarrassing, yes?

What I want you to consider is this; Life happens. The penalty for ignoring someone dear, for not saying I love you when you should can be a wicked burden to drag around! It’s certainly worse than wearing not so fresh undies! Here’s a good suggestion. Dig out those numbers, for grandma, for Aunt Ethyle, and while you’re belatedly doing your laundry, call a few of them, just to say hello. And I love you. Those calls are like fabric softener on your relationships; they keep them fresh and nice!


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