Duct Tape for the Soul for May 29, 2014

Death Brings More Than Grief

No one is all that fond of funerals, if they don’t have a screw or two loose. You have to admit, attending them is pretty much a drag. Well, assuming you weren’t hoping for the deceased person’s demise! You’d hope most of the tears shed were from some sort of sadness, and not the fact that poor uncle Lou kicked the bucket without paying anyone the money he owed them, and for which debt there is no written record!

I’ve attended several funerals where my sadness was for the fact that the event couldn’t have been held twenty years sooner, but I know that makes me seem mean and spiteful. Sorry. I’ve considered this whole ordeal over the years, and have concluded that many of the tears shed at funerals aren’t just from a sense of loss; they’re from an over-reaching sense of guilt! It seems that the death of most people always catches people in arears as to their relationships.

You likely would be in the same bind. How many people are you current with, on your declarations of love and affection? You’ve likely neglected to stay in touch with several, or to say, I love you as often as you know you should. One of them drops dead, and you will feel like a heel! Thus, the tears and misery. Once granny is cold and stiff, you can stand at the casket and say it until you pee yourself, but you know the ship has sailed, and you missed it!

There’s way too much quiet at funerals, and that lets you conscience just kick your butt no end. After all, the dead person doesn’ care anymore, has no worry, no pain. You should be thrilled for them, but instead, you stand and snivel, wishing you could have one more hug. You’d be wise to remember this more, and work harder at staying in touch, in not letting things this important slide to the side of your road. It’s bad enough to lose someone you like; it’s much worse to know you didn’t do what you should have, and there’s no second chance.



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