Duct Tape for the Soul for May 31 & June 1, 2014

You Don’t Need More Junk

I bet there’s something you’re just dying to buy, isn’t there? New TV, X-Box, I Phone, car, boat, furniture, grill, clothes. You think this will be the thing that finally makes you happy, gives substance and meaning to your life. Before you swipe that card, might I suggest you inventory the basement, attic, closets, garage. See all those other things you thought would bring you to orgasmic happiness? You just had to have every one of them, didn’t you?

So, how happy are you? If fifty other things failed to thrill you, what do you think the chances are that this new thing you’re lusting for…how long will that excite you? Long enough to pay off the charge card, or less? Allow me to explain something that you’ve likely missed; stuff won’t get you to paradise, won’t make your life a thing of love and wonder. All it will do is burden your soul. Not only are you going broke buying it, you need a bigger place to keep it, and then you have more to worry about, afraid someone will steal it!

Your problem is really pretty simple: you’re lonely and empty, lacking people and things of worth in your life. Your soul hungers for meaning and purpose, and having to buy, maintain, insure, and guard crap isn’t doing any of that! A person who has the things of value in their life, friends, someone to love, a purpose…they can be happy sitting and watching a rock. They don’t need a garage, barn and house full of crap that they use twice and then let collect dust.

Oh, sure, you hate that talk about love and relationships. Relationships are just so hard, aren’t they? Bad news; they’re a lot easier than working all the time to pay for all the crap you buy but don’t need! Feel a lot nicer too! Look, you can’t fill any empty life with stuff! That’s tantamount to the county peeing in potholes, instead of filling them with asphalt. You’re afraid of the good stuff because you’ve neglected to get familiar with it! Send most of your junk to Goodwill, and stop buying more. Go meet some people, and find a life. You’ll certainly have more money, and likely a lot fewer headaches. You’ll end up with some happiness too, a lot more than that thing you think you need will give you!


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