Duct Tape for the Soul for May 8, 2014

Your Preconceptions of People Are Likely Wrong

Humans take a lot of shortcuts in how they classify things in the “real” world. Especially when it comes to othre people, we seem inclined to use our own nifty shorthand to sort out others, and how we might respond to them. Ever think, on first glance, that a beautiful woman is probaly dumb as a rock? Lots do, assuming that she’s learned to use her looks instead of developing her brain to get by. Ditto even more so for blonds, who’ve been joked about for decades in non-nordic countries.

I’m thankful I avoided that trap, having several super bright, gorgeous female friends in collage. One blond threatened to whip me with a slide rule, for asking if she needed help with calculous! Oops. But even though I’ve missed that area of oppourtunity to be stupid and prejudiced, there are a hundred others, and I sometimes got snagged and stuck a foot in my mouth like everyone else.

How often have you run across the idea that fat people are supposed to be jolly and fun, or bitchy and bitter? Ugly folks are supposed to be super nice, to make up for their lack of beauty, too. You get the idea. Here’s a crazy thought; toss out your preconceptions and try seeing people as they really are! You’ll likely be shocked fairly often, finding people aren’t at all what you imagined them to be!

We prejudge because we’re lazy, more than being evil, for the most part. It’s less bother to pull out our handy people evaluator template, and take a quick peek, and check the closest box. Hmmm…short, dumpy and blond…must be a funny potential comedian, but not a smart one! Shame on you! Stop cutting corners, and get properly acquainted…you’re cheating yourself out of a lot of potential friends, and maybe someone to love! Besides, you’d hate to hear how everyone else classifies your sorry butt…wouldn’t you?!


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