Duct Tape for the Soul for October 1, 2014

We Still Have Prostitutes?

How is this possible? Our wonderful hippie free love experiment was supposed to make such a thing unnecessary! Everybody was supposed to have easy sex, when ever and where ever they so desired. Naturally, like all grand social utopian ideas, it went right down the drain. Beautiful people did okay, but our less attractive? Sorry, you’re dating your hand.

Even worse, the upheavels have made people into emotive basket cases. Have you dated some of what’s out there? Dear God, who wants to sleep with crazy people, neurotic and insecure? You start dating, and hit two or three of these in a row, you’ll become a monk! Men seem quite naturally inclined to simply pay cash for sex. Men don’t require deep emotional connectivity to get laid. Names are optional too. Women seem to have a few more scrupples, or are daunted by the lack of male prostitutes! That doesn’t meant they’re all that happy, however.

The sad truth is this; we’re so confused and screwed up, men and women alike have no real idea how to be , well, men and women! I know, you ladies wanted men to be more emotive and sensitive, something like a cross between Fabio and a nice gay hairstylist. What you got is a bunch of trolls, too afraid to be men, and unwilling to be something else. Don’t laugh; half of you women have no clue what being female requires either! You end up being a cross between a gay hairdresser and an angry dock worker.

You should have figured out that men are not easily trainable by now. Have you? Our old roles managed to get the human race through a million years of evolution, but now we’re a mess. Men would, by and large, like to please you, and have you be happy. When you don’t know what that is, he’s screwed. You aren’t doing any better about pleasing him either, which is why the average relationship last three days now. Even when we occasionally do talk, we speak such an incomprehensibly different language, that neither sex has a clue about the other. This needs work, and if we don’t all die off, maybe in a century or two we’ll figure it out?


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