Duct Tape for the Soul for October 10, 2014

Lying? Oh, Really?

You’re likely concerned about lying, if you are at all a decent person. At the least, you’re concerned about getting caught lying, a tragically embarrassing prospect. You know that should this happen, people would have less regard for you. It would be nice if this worry motivated you to lie less, rather than to just work harder to avoid getting caught, but that seems less than likely. Lying is frequently easy, and it seems more attractive, since it at least pushes your trouble off to a future time.

You’d actually find that getting the yelling over with on the spot is a lot better than lying today, and worrying days, weeks or longer, for the lie to be uncovered, and you to get fried. But no one seems to do so. Worse, people resist the urge to not lie to themselves, finding it easier to be dishonest, than to deal with their own faults and failings.  The problem is this; you can’t grow and learn, can’t move toward a better life, if you can’y be honest, especially about your self. If you embarrass you, you need to do some work!


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