Duct Tape for the Soul for October 14, 2014

Most Wish They Too Could Be Vain

You’ve probably met more than one person who was vain. Lots of celebrities certainly are, and many people of exceptional attractiveness are afflicted with this. You’d rather die than admit how much you’d like to be able to have something to be vain about. Great looks, a supper pair of boobs, toned abs. Looking around, you don’t see much justification for that do you?

Of course, that doesn’t stop the worst offenders from being vain. I’ve seen people so ugly, a toad would run from them and they were quite vain. Some people become vain in their youth, when they were a lot hotter, and just can’t admit that all those pounds and stretch marks have ended that era! It’s funny, in a sad, pathetic way.

A few people apply their vanity to their imagined eloquence or smarts, usually unjustifiably so. Just like most vain people aren’t all that hot, they aren’t too bright or witty either! Lots of bores and dullards are vain, which says a lot about how imaginative they are! Honestly, there’s a fine line between being pleased with one’s self, and being full of it!

I knew a girl back in collage, for whom two bandaids were excessive as a bra. She paid the money for a nice pair of d-cup boobies, and thought she was a goddess. She quit hanging around losers like me and my friends, and went after a doctor! None of them could stand her new found vanity, and she married a building maintenance man. Me and all my “loser” friends are well off professionals now, but she’s still vain. You wish you had an excuse to be too, don’t you?!


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