Duct Tape for the Soul for October 15, 2014

Celebrities Are….

Pathetic, annoying, obnoxious, overpaid, lacking in talent, morals, judgement, class. If you pay any attention to them you’ll likely wonder how the even stay out of jail or employed. Apparently money does buy happiness or at least helps avoid the consequences of being a total moron!

Now you can’t blame all the terrible movies on them, unless they also directed or produced the doggy film, or made a record that sounds like five cats being crushed in a garbage truck. There’s plenty of guilt to go around. What you can blame them for is their elitist, condescending arrogance! And most of them are just ozzing that. They tell you what you should drive (to save the planet) or eat (to let you be cool and live forever).

They tell you how bright and smart they are to give money to some obscure charity in some unpronouncable foreign country. They think a lot of themselves as they squander enough money on jet fuel and handbags to feed half a million starving people for three years. I find that annoying, and supremely hypocritical. If they did all of it in private, it would be avoidable, but holding twenty news conferences to display themselves and their pseudo-charity or with-it-ness just hacks me off. Sorry, it just does.


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