Duct Tape for the Soul for October 3, 2014

What Sort Of Neighbor Might You Prefer?

When someone’s house catches fire, a crowd always gathers. Usually  one or two will make an effort to determine if everyone is out or not. The others will stand and watch, oohing and ahing over the spectacle, gossiping and wondering how bad it might turn out. Naturally, the ones standing around aren’t actually evil, unless they set the fire, or are roasting weenies while the residents burn to death. They are just not highly motivated to do or act in the face of necessity.

Which sort, the doers or the watcher, whould you like to have next to you? You’d hope that someone close is a doer, yes? But what sort are you? Would you risk yourself, even a bit for a neighbor, or would you be wishing you had some hot dogs and a bun, while granny or the kids toasts?  Not that simple or fun to consider, is it? Here’s a thought; if you want to have great neighbors, perhaps you’d be wise to be a great neighbor?

I know, that sounds risky or at best bothersome. You’d rather be watching TV, being a spectator to live instead of a doer of life. You’re pretty much doomed to be one or the other, and it does matter both to your soul, and to God which you’re inclined to be. As a matter of fact, your life is pretty much and experiment, a trial to determine which you’re inclined to be, when the chips are down. You’d be wise to think about that more deeply, before the next disaster strikes you or your neighbor. Seriously.


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