Duct Tape for the Soul for October 4 & 5, 2014

Are You A Prisoner?

You may be living as a prisoner, even though you see no bars, no prison cell. Lots of humans are. They’re prisoners to the intangible but all too real things, the negative aspects of life. They are prisoners of ignorance, to their lack of understanding, to their emptiness. They sit in a corner of their invisible cell, refusing not only to admit they are imprisoned, but unwilling to get up and search for a door.

There’s always a door. Why not look for it? You likely already hold the key to it in your hand! Honestly, the door isn’t even locked. It’s held shut by your laziness, your apathy, your lack of faith, both in yourself and in God. You may also lack the faith that you deserve to be free. Someone made you afraid to be free, afraid to find the door. Do you know who that was?

Look, you deserve to be free, deserve to be happy, and to have a life filled with worth and meaning. Your soul is no bargain outlet store second; God only creats one type of human soul, and yours is as much worthy of attaining sainthood as any. God never wanted you to be a prisoner, never once told you that you are undeserving.

You and the rest of us have the same Divine rights as all others. The church that taught that humans are dirt is a lying, godless church. You are a child of God like all others. Now how about you get off your butt and act like it? Look for the door, and free yourself first. You’ll get something else to do from God after you do that. Trust me, you just will.


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