Duct Tape for the Soul for October 6, 2014

Really? You Walked Five Miles To School?

The greatest generation was fond of telling the boomers how hard their life was, when they were children. If that made them so fabulous, then why didn’t they resist the urge to spoil the boomers? We walked five miles through snow, we had to get up at four a.m. to milk the cow, we had to put cardboard in our shoes when they wore out, we heard them all. Now the boomers have repeated that crap, telling their kids how hard their lives were, living without cable or computers, and (God forbid) no cell phones. Boo hoo.

Their kids will be just as whiny and spoiled, complaining how tough they had it, having to use their thumbs to text all day long, assuming we get good voice recognition software soon. Frankly, I’d be inclined to call everyone a whiner and move on. Times change. Technology advances. If we don’t blow up the planet, or get hit by a killer astroid, we’ll likely keep coming up with nifty new things, that cost more, but let us be even lazier than the past generations were.

What concerns me is how much our technology seems to be eroding our human connections. Phone calls, texts and all that are a terrible substitute for real face to face human interaction. It gets easier to communicate, but harder to touch a real human. Having everyone living in a small cubicle, watching internet porn sending meaningless texts and cat videos to each other isn’t my idea of progress. What about you? Do you even get hugged by anyone anymore? Maybe we need to edit some things out, and get back to basics. I’d certainly rather have a naked partner sitting on my lap, than to be alone watching cat videos. You with me?


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