Duct Tape for the Soul for October 7, 2014

You Build A Pyrimid One Stone At A Time

I’ve had many friends cause themselves fits, mostly from taking too big of bites in life. They get an idea, vision or dream, and leap whole hog into the fray, wanting to accomplish it in one fell swoop. It usually ends badly, as they get overwhelmed and discouraged instantly, and give up. They usually blame someone or something else for their failure, which is the funny and ironic part.

Most undertakings, especially the good and the grand ones are not easily doable on short notice. They require wise planning, and steady effort. Life in general isn’t a forty yard dash, it’s much more of a marathon. Becoming educated, learning a new trade, getting over your addictions and folly, none are a two day project. Yet time and time again, people pretend they are, and either burn out, or quit in despair.

Building things takes a lot of effort, and a zillion small operations, conducted in a steady, orderly fashion. The wisest person spends more time preparing than actually doing. President Lincoln once said that if he had eight hours to chop down a tree, he’d spend the first six, sharpening his ax! There’s a reason we venerate his wisdom. You’d look a lot smarter if you’d do more planning and less desperate doing. Too many people waste their time and energy back tracking or starting over, after going down in flames from an all or none fiasco. Just give that some thought, before you run off to attack your next project.


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