Duct Tape for the Soul for October 8, 2014

The End And The Beginning

Sometime during a woman’s first pregnancy, she has a revelation. Whether she is thrilled or appalled, she none the less is changed by it. What derails her concept of self, and puts and end to what came before is the understanding, that henceforth, at least in this lifetime, she will be forever more a mother. Even should her child die untimely, she will still be a mom.

The reality of this is often quite amusing or at least enlightening. A woman can’t fully embrace her new role, and still remain a child herself. That many do try, is sadly testified to by the daily news. Yet to properly shoulder her new obligation, she must rise up, and accept that for her, childood is firmly over. One can’t properly husband one of God’s souls without doing so.

A woman usually confronts this, sometime afer her belly starts to swell, and the tap dancing of the growing child on her bladder becomes steadily harder to ignore. Men may also face a crisis of understanding, but it will never be the same or as personal to them. Bearing the child leaves a deep and permenant mark on a woman’s heart and soul. You’d honestly be wise to do your growing up before you reproduce, but many try to avoid this, and then scramble, trying to stay one step ahead of their growing child. You’d be wise to consider this more deeply, as there’s no returning one of God’s soul to him. At least not without getting your own soul fried!


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