Duct Tape for the Soul for October 9, 2014

You’re Mad About The Small Things

Ever consider how you went from the excited state of bliss you had when first married, or at the beginning of a relationship, to the crabby, miserable annoying state of dysfunction that you have now? Unless one of you got caught with a hooker or underaged tart, you likely didn’t go off the rails in one huge leap. You’ve been nibbled to death by ducks!

That’s right, it’s the small annoying daily things that have driven you two apart. Chores, bad habits, dirty clothes, the toilet seat, farting under the covers…you’re bleeding to death from a thousand small cuts! If you’re fighting over the big things, religion, kids, where you live, money and lifestyle, you simply failed to be honest or open up front. But few people succumb to these huge things. It’s the dirty undies and old banana peels that miss the trash that make you two lose your mind!

Naturally, you could just laugh and shrug it off, but it’s more fun to get mad and scream, apparently. You end up feeling like every small annoyance is a well thought out plot to undermine your peace and tranquality. And so, you yell and fight. It shouldn’t shock you to know that you end up looking for things to be offended about, to justify your misery and anger. You’re too lazy to man up and try to be reasonable. You get to regret that eventually, after being hosed by a sleazy divore attorney. Acting like an adult is a lot smarter, but will you try? Just a suggestion.


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