Duct Tape for the Soul for Sept 1, 2014

Labor Day?

Exactly what are we supposed to be celebrating on labor day? Labor? Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem a bit perverse that we celebrate laboring by not working? Oh, sure, half the country ends up actually working, since we’ve became obsessed with godless comsumerism. Why do people at Widget Mart have to work on Labor Day, just so a bunch of sheep can go buy more Chinese made crap? The Chinese aren’t taking Labor Day off, they’re busy making more crap to sell to you foolish people.

Now back in the good old days, (or dark ages, both seem equally relavant), people worked their butts off in America doing and building things. A day off to just rest was pretty good and made sense. Now, since half of the people aren’t working at all anymore, and the ones who are don’t do all that much, excep shuffle paper, it seems a waste. Why not have a National Bad Back Day, since more people actually have that, than have a job?

Seriously, Labor Day? Talk about a disengenuous bit of wishfull thinking! Our third world slaves should have it, not our fat and lazy sheep! Now there are a few people left who actually get dirty and do some real work, but they aren’t all that common any more. Now even our tradesmen are called “technicians” and don’t get a speck of crud on their nice uniform. I’d suggest that if you don’t come home from a day’s labor sweaty and covered with grease, dirt or poop, you’re just a slacker, and unworthy of “Labor Day”.

And don’t think for a moment that I’m an exception, slaving away at my keyboard. I’m just reading crap on Facebook and drinking, while listening to loud music so I can’t hear the wife tell me that there’s work that needs to be done. It’s Labor Day and that means I’m sitting on my but,like everyone else. Cheers!


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